Big interests and opportunities for the Netherlands with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved into a systems technology that enables numerous other innovations. Companies are seeing opportunities with AI application, and in societal missions, AI technology is a central contributor to solutions.


The AiNed public-private multi-year program puts the Netherlands in the leading group of AI countries and makes a major contribution to international competitiveness. A maximum share of the potential economic growth and recovery of 1.6% GDP will be realized (estimated by 'McKinsey Global Institute' 2020). The Programme enables the Netherlands to strategically control how and under what conditions AI is applied.

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Bottlenecks and solution directions

The Netherlands has a good starting position in machine learning, hybrid AI systems and responsible use of AI. But successfully exploiting the potential of AI does not happen by itself. This is due to bottlenecks in the areas of innovation, the knowledge base, labor market, society and data sharing.

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The bottlenecks are addressed interrelatedly through large-scale projects with a unique learning and integrated chain approach. Human-centered AI is at the forefront here. Parties in the quadruple helix are working together: government, education and research, business, civil society organizations and citizens. This delivers AI-based solutions, from sustainable energy supply to optimal mobility, and from reliable media to affordable healthcare.

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Public investment

The AiNed Programme was created thanks to stakeholders, partners and participants drawn from the AI network and ecosystem of the Netherlands AI Coalition The National Growth Fund has allocated a budget of 204.5 million euros to the AiNed Programme .

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