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AiNed Foundation was established to shape the implementation of the AiNed Programme . The board of Stichting AiNed is formed by a team with extensive experience in digitization and public-private partnership programs. Complemented by a personal ambition to accelerate the development and application of AI in the Netherlands.

Willem Jonker, chairman of the board of the AiNed Foundation

Prof. Dr. Willem Jonker has a broad background in the ICT domain, both in the industrial sector and academia. Among others, he worked at KPN Research, the European Computer industry Research Centre in Munich and Philips Research, where he was appointed Vice President in 2006. He is also a part-time professor at the University of Twente. In his previous position as CEO of EIT Digital in Brussels, he gained extensive experience in mobilizing a European innovation ecosystem in the field of digitization with a multitude of stakeholders.

"I am highly motivated to contribute to the AiNed Programmefrom my knowledge and experience in this role," said Willem Jonker. "With the Netherlands AI Coalition and connections to the broader national and international ecosystems, we are well positioned to successfully deploy AI for Dutch society."

Inald Lagendijk, board member AiNed Foundation

Prof.dr.ir. Inald Lagendijk is a Distinguished Professor in Computing-based Society at TU Delft's Faculty of EWI. Inald has more than 30 years of research and teaching experience in digital signal processing, including image and video processing, compression, search, watermarking, and digital content protection. His current research focuses on signal processing and AI with a view to protecting privacy, data sharing, transparency and security of algorithms, and meaningful human control over autonomous intelligent systems.

Inald Lagendijk: "I am happy to use my years of experience in leading national and international multidisciplinary research projects for my position as board member of the AiNed Foundation. For the implementation of the multi-year program AiNed and to fully exploit the development and application of AI as a systems technology for the Netherlands."

Saskia Vlaar, board member AiNed Foundation

Saskia Vlaar, MSc is an econometrician and in her career has held various managerial and administrative roles in both the private and semi-public sector, such as at KPN, TNO and Shell. All with a significant innovative component focused on the transformation of a sector or part of an ecosystem. In addition to her role at AiNed, Saskia's positions include Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board of SURF, where she also chairs the Remuneration, Nomination and Innovation Committee. In addition, she is a member of the Supervisory Board of Emixa and the Supervisory Board of the Noordwest Hospital Group, where she also chairs the Digital Transformation Committee.

Saskia Vlaar: "I am convinced that realizing a change or transformation based on a systems technology such as AI is also primarily people work and, from this perspective, am happy to commit myself to AiNed and its ambition."

Sander Ruiter, director of the AiNed Foundation

Sander Ruiter is an experienced program manager at the intersection of digitization and public-private partnerships. A business engineer, he graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen on the effectiveness of digital business strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility. Since then, Sander has been an inspired professional working on economic and social issues around digital transition. He has 10 years of experience in the central government and over six years in the ICT industry.

"I enthusiastically apply my experience to the implementation of the AiNed Programme. As director, I enjoy working to build the AiNed Foundation that is charged with the integral coordination and implementation of the multi-year program," said Sander Ruiter. In recent years, Sander has been involved Netherlands AI Coalition as coalition secretary.