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Programme AiNed Advisory Board

A sustainable connection with stakeholders in the ecosystem is of great importance. To this end, AiNed Foundation has installed the Programme Advisory Board with individuals who are experts in one or more of the AiNed subprograms and recognized leaders in the relevant field.

The Programme Advisory Board acts in daily practice as a sounding board, advisor and intermediary for the AiNed Board in the implementation of the AiNed Programme and consists of the following people:

Arjan van den Born

Managing Director, ROM Utrecht Region and AI Hub Middle Netherlands.

Area of interest:

Applying AI systems, SME valorization, Breaking Barriers, Collaborating in the ecosystem, EU SME vouchers.

Pallas Agterberg

Challenge Officer, Alliander and also a member of the Strategy Team of the NL AIC.

Area of interest:

Application of AI systems.

René Montenarie

Director of Operations ECP, Deputy Director Team dutch digital delta and involved in several Programme's in the field of Human Capital, including the NL AIC.

Area of interest:

People and Skills, Learning communities.

Maarten van Steen

Scientific Director of the Digital Society Institute at the University of Twente and Chairman of the Research and Innovation Working Group, NL AIC.

Area of interest:

Knowledge and Innovation Base, Innovation Labs and Fellowship grants.

Henk van Houten

Innovation consultant, independent chair Programme Advisory Council.