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AiNed Fellowship grants awarded to Dr. Cristian Tejedor García and Dr. Iacer Calixto

Leveraging exceptional AI talent is important to strengthen the national knowledge and training base in the field of AI. We are therefore pleased to announce the two recent awards in the AiNed Fellowship grants Programme to Dr. Cristian Tejedor García and Dr. Iacer Calixto. The AiNed Board warmly congratulates them on these awards and very much looks forward to their contribution to the AiNed Programme and AI research in the Netherlands.


Retaining AI talent for the Netherlands

The AiNed Fellowship grants help Dutch academic knowledge institutes attract AI talents who can generally choose from a variety of competitive offers.... This Programme is aimed at exceptional AI talents working in AI fields ranging from technology to the social sciences and humanities. The Programme enables research institutions to offer AI talents an attractive basic package. We are happy to provide some more information about both research projects.

Award to Dr. Cristian Tejedor García
The award allows Dr. García to soon begin an AI research line titled "Responsible AI for Voice Diagnostics" at Radboud University in Nijmegen. Voices tell more about us than we realize. This project is developing AI that targets specific information in our voices for health care or education purposes, while deleting non-relevant, privacy-sensitive information. This line of research aligns well with AiNed's goal of developing responsible and human-centered AI solutions. The goal of the project is to improve the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and the assessment of pronunciation and reading skills. Read more about this research project here.

Award to Dr. Iacer Calixto
With the grant, Dr. Calixto will soon start an AI research line entitled "CaRe-NLP: Human-Centric and Responsible NLP methods for Dutch healthcare" at the University of Amsterdam. An estimated 80% of all patient data is stored unstructured, for example as free text. However, this data is severely underutilized. AiNed is convinced that AI using data can play a role in increasing efficiency and keeping healthcare affordable. This project applies natural language processing and machine learning methods responsibly and reliably to use unstructured data. With the goal of supporting research, education and patient care focused on the Dutch healthcare ecosystem.

Duration of call for proposals

Also interested as a Dutch academic knowledge institute to submit an application? Applications for this Call for proposals can be submitted from 5 September 2022 until 15 December 2023 at 14:00 Dutch time. For more information about this call and submitting proposals go to www.nwo.nl/AiNedFellowship.

For whom.

This program component of the AiNed-Programme is suitable for all Dutch universities and the NWO and KNAW institutes. The total grant budget for this program component is almost €20 million for the first round (2022-2023). Up to 23 proposals are expected to be funded. There are still 20 grants available.

About the AiNed Fellowship grants.

This Programme targets Dutch academic knowledge institutes that, following their strategy, want to invest in attracting AI talent for the position of (tenure track) associate professor, associate professor or full professor. The AI talent is selected by the research organization. The AiNed Fellowship grants will increase the number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at Dutch academic knowledge institutes that focus on the challenges that are part of the AI Research Agenda for the Netherlands (AIREA-NL).

Published: 09/08/2023
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Published: 09/08/2023