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AiNed MIT AI call launched for AI projects SMEs

The nationwide AiNed MIT AI call (RVO 2023) to support AI projects of SMEs will start on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. The aim of this MIT scheme is to stimulate AI innovation power in the Netherlands and accelerate the application of newly developed AI technology.

This scheme is supported from the National Growth Fund Programme AiNed. The call is designed in cooperation with regional organizations. The total grant budget for the AiNed MIT AI call 2023 is €3.5 million.

SME support from the AiNed Programme

AI applications contribute directly to economic prosperity, social welfare and solving major societal challenges. SMEs, including many startups, have an important economic and innovative role in this. Research shows that SMEs face many barriers in applying AI. To bridge the gap for SMEs between the knowledge base and application in AI innovations, the MIT AI call is part of the AiNed Programme.

Looking for partners or inspiration?

Are you looking for startups to submit a project proposal with? Then also visit the Dutch selection startups of the European AI Startup Landscape for inspiration. Looking for information on how to complete a project proposal? Then read among others the interviews with Supplai, AppBakkers and Deeploy how they use the 2022 MIT scheme. You can also find an overview of projects that came about with the help of this scheme via the RVO website.

Planning and conditions

Are you working together with other SME entrepreneurs to develop or innovate products, production processes or services in the field of AI? Then the MIT scheme may be for you. This scheme starts on March 21, 2023, submission is possible until May 9, 2023. You can apply for a grant for a small or a large R&D cooperation project for the AI theme.

One of the conditions is that the project offers a demonstrable new solution for one or more application areas of the Netherlands AI Coalition. On the website of RVO you will find detailed information available about the planning and conditions of this call.

Published: 21/03/2023
Focus areas: AI
Published: 21/03/2023