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Collaboration in the ecosystem

Subprogram Cooperation in the ecosystem

The AiNed Programme is organized into various program components with their own specialties focused on knowledge, innovation, education, training, and making AI solutions applicable. However, the success of the Programme as a whole is largely determined by the cohesion, cooperation, and integrated approach of the components. This subprogram aims to ensure sustainable development and implementation of knowledge and experience in AI applications. In doing so, it focuses on the orchestration of integration, and consolidation of knowledge and experience in a sustainable ecosystem.

The subprogram has the following program components:

AiNed Connecting networks for the NL AIC and AI hubs.

The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) shapes its activities through user platforms. These community-driven platforms contribute to anchoring substantive (knowledge, experience, etc.), AiNed results, and to strengthening the ecosystem, by responding to AI issues in a low-threshold manner, aimed at specific target groups, and thus naturally contributing to the objectives of AiNed. Platforms are attractive, concrete, respond to a need of a clearly defined customer, and they are future-proof with a realistic chance of continuity.

From the AiNed Programme , a number of NL AIC platforms are supported with subsidies. A total of €8.25 million is available for this purpose for the period 2022-2026. The proposal for this will be developed in close consultation with the NL AIC Program Team and the Interhub consultation.

More information will follow when it is known which NL AIC user platforms are supported by AiNed.

AiNed Grid For consolidation of knowledge and experience

This program component serves to consolidate and make accessible knowledge and experiences from knowledge developed specifically within AiNed in the areas of Learning communities, data sharing, Dutch-language AI, and ELSA approach. A grant budget of approximately €2 million is available per topic. Shaping the AiNed grid is in the hands of the AiNed Board in consultation with the AiNed Programme advisory board.

More information will follow when details are known.



Publication date September 2022