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The public-private multi-year AiNed program puts the Netherlands in the leading group of AI countries and makes a major contribution to the international competitive position of the Netherlands. With an orchestrated approach, more companies and public institutions will engage in the development and application of modern AI technology.

As much of the potential economic growth and recovery of 1.6% GDP is realized (estimated by 'McKinsey Global Institute' 2020). The Programme enables the Netherlands to strategically control how and under what conditions AI is applied.

Thanks to the AiNed Programme , a strong AI ecosystem with high rate of innovation for AI solutions will be achieved in 2027 in the Netherlands:

  • The level of knowledge of AI has greatly improved at all levels in education, business and society.
  • Solutions are available for developing reliable and human-centered AI systems.
  • Data sharing for AI solutions between companies and the government has been greatly simplified.
  • The number of SMEs developing or adopting AI has doubled.
  • And Dutch companies have developed AI products, processes and services that have international impact, recognizing the Netherlands as an excellent AI country.