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First AiNed Fellowship grant awarded to Professor Massimo Poesio

The first grant in the AiNed Fellowship grants Programme, which is slated to open in 2022, has been awarded to Professor Massimo Poesio. This award will allow Professor Poesio to soon begin a research project entitled "Dealing with meaning variation in Natural Language Processing" at Utrecht University. Professor Poesio's project is a first step in this Programme that aims to strengthen the Dutch AI community. The AiNed Fellowship grants are a program component of the National Growth Fund Programme AiNed.

Purpose AiNed Fellowship grants

The AiNed Fellowship grants help Dutch academic knowledge institutes attract AI talents who can usually choose between several competing appointments. This Programme is aimed at exceptional AI talent who can be employed in an AI field ranging from technology to the social sciences and humanities. The AiNed Fellowship grants will increase the number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at Dutch academic knowledge institutes focused on the challenges that are part of the AI Research Agenda for the Netherlands (AIREA-NL). The AiNed Fellowship grants from the National Growth Fund Programme will also strengthen the knowledge and training base in the field of AI in the Netherlands and the national AI ecosystem.

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Professor Poesio is currently Professor of Computational Linguistics at Queen Mary University in the United Kingdom. He is a cognitive scientist specializing in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and has an extensive track record of interdisciplinary collaboration with theoretical linguists, psychologists and neuroscientists. Within the AiNed program component Fellowship grants, he will conduct a research project that will make it possible for computers to communicate more effectively with humans by taking into account that language can be interpreted in different ways, we do not all find the same texts funny or offensive and sometimes we just misunderstand each other.

Strengthen ecosystem

In addition to his research, Professor Poesio will also work on expanding AiNed's ecosystem and the Netherlands AI Coalition. One way he will do this is by participating in training the next generation of AI researchers and professionals in the Netherlands in the field of NLP. Moreover, he will contribute to bringing together academics and professionals interested in NLP across the traditional boundaries of disciplines and those of the private and public sectors. Finally, Professor Poesio will work to make people in the Netherlands more aware of, more involved in and more enthusiastic about AI.

For whom is this call of interest?

This program component of the National Growth Fund Programme AiNed is suitable for all Dutch universities and the NWO and KNAW institutes. The total budget for this program component is almost €20 million for the first round (2022-2023). Up to 23 proposals are expected to be funded. There are still 22 grants available.


This Programme targets Dutch academic knowledge institutes that, following their strategy, want to invest in attracting AI talent for the position of (tenure track) associate professor, associate professor or full professor. The AI talent is selected by the research organization. The Programme enables research institutes to offer this AI talent a more attractive basic package. Applications for this call for proposals can be submitted from 5 September 2022 to 15 December 2023 at 14:00 Dutch time. For more information about this call and submitting proposals, visit NWO's website. Interested in the National Growth Fund? Check here for more information.

Published: 07/03/2023
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Published: 07/03/2023