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Network meeting NGF projects 'AI for prosperity and well-being'

Recently, the second meeting "AI for Prosperity and Welfare" took place. A valuable and inspiring networking meeting for honored National Growth Fund projects with a substantial AI component.


Initiated by the AiNed board, representatives from ten NGF projects, the National Growth Fund and Netherlands AI Coalition are having a conversation about the development and application of AI, the interfaces and where to learn from or collaborate with each other. The group of ten includes: CropXR, Digital Infrastructure and Logistics, Digitalization Impulse Education, GroenvermogenNL, Health-RI, National Education Lab AI, NXTGEN HIGHTECH, Oncode-PACT, Quantum Delta NL and RegMedXB.


Purpose of meeting

The purpose of this second meeting was to focus the conversation on AI innovations and the Ethical, Legal & Societal aspects of AI directly linked to the breakthroughs from the National Growth Fund projects. Attendees endorsed the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences on common topics in order to accelerate the development and application of AI as an important added value of these meetings. After a presentation by the Digitalization Education Impulse project on, among other things, the use of an ethical compass as a value guide, all projects present gave a brief update on how AI can accelerate their intended breakthroughs and what they are up against.

It is evident that the potential of using AI is great and that we face similar challenges in doing so. Issues such as data management, AI talent, AI governance and legislation play a prominent role in this. From the discussion, it was clear that AI & Federated Learning is very decisive for the development and application of AI. Next time, we will explore further how this topic can be shaped. The board of AiNed thanks all attendees for their contribution to the meeting and the cooperation and looks forward to the sequel.

Published: 20/03/2023
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Published: 20/03/2023