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The aim of the AiNed sub-programme Fellowship grants is to make Dutch academic knowledge institutions more attractive for exceptional and excellent, internationally sought-after AI research talent.
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Published: 29-08-2022
For innovation in AI, it is essential to design technological and non-technological aspects at the same time. That is why Stichting AiNed is introducing a multidisciplinary approach that includes technological, economic, societal and legal aspects from the start.
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Published: 23-08-2022
The outcome of the MIT scheme for supporting SMEs’ AI projects is now known. There was a great deal of interest and no less than 85 proposals in total were ranked and reviewed.
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Published: 18-07-2022
Six universities of applied sciences are starting learning communities centred on artificial intelligence (AI) in the Applied AI Learning Communities Pilot Programme.
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Published: 23-06-2022
The AiNed programme is addressing bottlenecks in areas such as innovation, the knowledge base, the labour market, society and data sharing.
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Published: 07-06-2022
This is the pre-announcement of the AiNed Fellowship grant call.
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Published: 05-05-2022
On 15 March 2022, the nationwide MIT regulation for the support of AI projects by SMEs came into effect.
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Published: 14-03-2022
Contemporary Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driven by the massive increase in data and computing power.
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Published: 29-01-2022
Om meer inzicht te geven in de visie, doelstellingen en aanpak van het AiNed programma is een publieksversie samengesteld.
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Published: 28-01-2022
The European Key Digital Technologies (KDT) call has been announced and will open as of January 18, 2022.
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Published: 27-01-2022