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One of the 12 honored projects of the MIT 2022 scheme supported and funded by Netherlands AI Coalition is the AI project "Realtime Video Analytics on Drones" submitted by supplai as a penciler together with partner Dutch Drone Company.
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Published: 07-10-2022
The AiNed Programme is funding one chain project from National Growth Fund resources during 2023. Development of the chain project has begun and a FAQ has been prepared, among other things.
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Published: 30-09-2022
The goal of the Fellowship grants program component is to make Dutch academic knowledge institutions more attractive to exceptional and outstanding AI researchers in the international competition for AI talent.
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Published: 26-08-2022
For innovation in AI, it is essential to design technological and non-technological aspects simultaneously. Therefore, AiNed Foundation comes up with a multidisciplinary approach that includes technological, economic, social, legal aspects from the start,
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Published: 23-08-2022
As part of the European Key Digital Technologies (KDT) call 2021, four AI research projects have been selected for financial support from the AiNed Programme . These are four major international strategic projects with input from 15 Dutch partners.
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Published: 16-08-2022
The results have been announced of the MIT scheme to support AI projects of SMEs. There was great interest and a total of as many as 85 proposals were ranked and evaluated.
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Published: 18-07-2022
Six colleges are launching learning communities around artificial intelligence in the Applied AI Learning communities pilot program.
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Published: 23-06-2022
This is the advance notice of the call to be opened for the AiNed Fellowship grant program component.
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Published: 05-05-2022
On March 15, 2022, the national MIT scheme to support AI projects of SMEs will be launched.
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Published: 14-03-2022
Contemporary Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driven by the huge increase in data and computing power.
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Published: 25-01-2022