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Announcement AiNed XS Europe call for strengthening knowledge and innovation base

The AiNed Programme aims to strengthen the AI knowledge and innovation base in the Netherlands. An important aspect of this is the connectedness of Dutch researchers worldwide, and especially in Europe.

In this way, the Netherlands profiles itself in Europe as a strong and attractive AI ecosystem. It also puts Dutch knowledge institutions and their associated companies in a stronger position to make contributions to European AI technology development, application and legislation. In addition, it increases the chance of participation in European AI Programme's for Dutch organizations.

Target AiNed XS Europe call

The aim of the AiNed XS Europe Programme is therefore to stimulate European research cooperation with influential partner organizations in AI. Here, project proposals are eligible that address fundamental or applied groundbreaking AI research challenges in sections 3 and 4 of the national AI research agenda AIREA-NL. Risky questions or approaches are valued where it is not certain in advance whether the intended objective will be achieved.


An AiNed XS Europe project consists of a collaboration between one applicant at a Dutch knowledge institution and at least one foreign European cooperation partner organization. A foreign European cooperation partner organization is defined as an organization with a legal form, based in Europe, outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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NWO is coordinating the selection process. This call is expected to be launched before the end of Q2 in 2023. Consult the information brochure for more information.

Published: 24/03/2023
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Published: 24/03/2023